Morning Photos in Gulf Shores

I met Tuesdai on a Wednesday morning for photos in Gulf Shores. I knew right away that I would like her. Anybody named Tuesdai has to be a unique person. She was as lovely and unique as her name!

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Meet Tuesdai & her beautiful family!

Let’s get back to my blog about Morning Photos in Gulf Shores.

Sunrise is tops around here. Even in the most crowded condo complex units, there is room to be had in the early morning. We love being able to spread out, laugh loud, run down the beach, and have our little photo party bright and early.

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We could not have ordered a better sunrise than we got this morning!

Tuesdai & Jonathon have a new home under construction.

New homes need new decor and art on the walls. Wouldn’t you agree? She wanted to go with family beach portraits as decor, so the pressure was on. Not only to get the girls up and dressed for sunrise, but for Mother Nature to provide a beautiful background for the art that will be displayed in the home.

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Skylar & Olivia are the sweetest of sisters.

We got exactly what we wanted!

On this particular Wednesday morning, the stars aligned. Or should I say, the clouds aligned! What a backdrop for my sweetest of clients! Oh, how I do love a bright morning like this one.

Family Beach Portraits in Alabama

Family photos made into Art for the new home.

You have heard Happy Mom, Happy Home? Well at photos, I say, Happy Baby, Happy Photographer!

Oliva & Skylar were also on their best behavior. The girls were bright-eyed, well rested, and probably already fed for the morning. A little prep work and a pep talk go a long way when taking photos with children. Tuesdai & Jonathon had done their part by showing up with happy daughters, ready for photos.

Family beach portraits in Gulf Shores Alabama.

The Girls!

Morning Photos in Gulf Shores can be fun for the whole family.

Playtime on the beach with the lovely lady and her camera worked well. As a photographer,  I am waiting patiently for that text from my client with a photo on the wall of her home. I know it will be spectacular. I wonder which one makes the canvas!

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There you have it!
A perfect day for family photos starts early. Sunrise photos are amazing!

Beach Pictures in Orange Beach.

Olivia and Skylar are ready for photos!