Nature Photography

Once in a while, Trey and I have a minute to enjoy something different, nature photography. Here are a few photos that we shot recently. I tell you, I prefer people’s pics any day! The birds aren’t real good at posing. Give me a toddler any day, lol!

Old boat at the beach

I do love an old boat in a photo.

I get into a mode of seeing beautiful places and think about this making an excellent background for family portraits.

After a minute of switching gears, I can see the beauty of nature photography for what it is without adding my routine. I can see how some photographers get addicted to capturing the perfect image.

Nature photos take from a boat.

A day on the river can be so peaceful!

There is a real sense of satisfaction when you get a great photo.

Knowing that there will never be the same sunset again is satisfying to have saved it forever. The more photos we take, the more we grow in our understanding of the best ways to use lighting and our gear to its fullest potential.

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Wait patiently!

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Vacation, please!

What a beautiful world God has created.

He has placed so many wonders before us. If we stop and enjoy them, it brings a sense of peace and a connection with nature that can calm and settle my worried mind. Nature photography gives me a reason to stop and give thanks my many blessings.

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Sandy toes

Nature photography never goes out of style.

We may get a good laugh from our family photos as the years go by. Hairstyles change, and clothing styles can go from one extreme to another. Nature photos, on the other hand, are always in fashion! For this reason, I think I will print a few canvases for my home.

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Vacation please!

That’s my rant on nature photography. Hopefully, we can all take the time to snap a few timeless images to remind ourselves and share the beauty of God’s green and blue earth with others.

Photos of nature

Hi Little Birdie!