Non-Beach Photos

Sometimes we get a request for different backgrounds, non-beach photos.  Let me show you a couple of examples of our suggested photography locations that are not on the beach, but close to your condo.

Photographers in Orange Beach

Senior Photos are FUN at the Gulf!

What are some advantages to non-beach photos?

Maybe your toddler does not like the sand and water.  It happens quite frequently, and they will get over it, next year.  For this session, let’s meet at another beautiful location.  One that comes to mind is the Coastal Arts Center.  It is perfect for our younger & older vacationers that simply want to keep their shoes on!


Coastal Arts Center Orange Beach

Another great non-beach photo location is at the Arts Center.

The Coastal Arts Center is on the bay.

This location has a southern charm due to the large porches, oak trees, and hanging moss.  Just a few steps away is the beautiful bay, complete with a fishing pier and boardwalk.  Even if you love beach photos, this is a good alternative for this year’s photos.  There is one other advantage to using this particular non-beach location… You do not have to wait for sunset for the good light!  We can use the shadows of the Arts Center for an even, not-so-squinty portrait.

Southern Charm at our non-beach photos

Southern Charm here. Lots of it!

Meet at the Gulf

These non-beach photos are a favorite for everyone.  The large palm trees are very tropical & make a fantastic “South Florida” looking beach portrait.  The look is very modern at the Gulf, and bonus, the food is great!  There are some other advantages to using this non-beach location.  It is a quick “in & out” session since it is only steps from the car to your photos.  A concrete wall at the water’s edge makes a nice seat for our elderly, who sometimes would rather wear their shoes, and don’t enjoy sitting in the sand, lol.

family photography in Orange Beach

This location is out of the wind & sun! There is no need to wait until sunset to get a great family portrait here.

Maybe you love the beach, but just want something different this year.

This is true for so many families.  The tradition of family vacation photos is hard to pass up.  Sometimes a change of scenery is the update your tradition needs!  Beach Shutters Photography is happy to meet you at the beach or at another location close by.

the Gulf non-beach photos

Senior portraits & family photos are perfect at the Gulf.