Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! I love these photos. Meaghan has been a Beach Shutters Photography client for many years. Since she lives so close by, she vacations in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores several times a year. Packing up the boys and hitting the road is one of their favorite activities.

Cute photos

Collin! That happy face makes me smile.

Boy, mamas are busy.

With active little ones, it helps to schedule sunrise photos. This is what Meaghan found out a few years ago. She can wake up early and get photos ready without interruption. Afterward, Meaghan wakes up the boys and dresses them in the outfits she laid out the night before.

Beach Shutters Photography

Love this!

Ready for photos!

By the time the boys wake up, they are at the beach to meet their favorite photographer. We speak, play, run around, and snap our camera buttons. Just like that, it is time to go to the doughnut shop for a yummy treat.

Mommy and me photos

Here comes mom’s darlings!

Happy kids, Happy Mama, Happy Photos!

If it looks like they are having a good time, they are! It makes for a good photo when Mama doesn’t stress about the little things. This year, her youngest had a cup of milk that he didn’t want to put down. That is okay, says Mom. We were able to hide it behind her for the most part, but if it shows, so be it.

best photographers in Orange Beach

Good times!

Life is perfectly imperfect.

That is the beauty of beach photos. It may be windy, hot, sandy, or muggy. We cannot predict the weather or stress when it is not perfect. Babies cry, want milk, run away from the camera, splash water, or get sandy. That is okay. Life is never ideal, and neither is a day at the beach. Our photos show the sweet interactions between a mama and her beautiful boys. That is perfection!

Oh Boy! That was fun.

I look forward to seeing this family every year. Thank you, Meaghan, for trusting me to be your beach photographer year after year.