Orange Beach Photographer

Are you planning your vacation and looking for an Orange Beach Photographer?  We are passionate about capturing life’s moments through photography.  Family beach portraits are our specialty, and we love what we do!

Beach photography is always an adventure!

Oh, the great outdoors!  As your vacation nears, do you check the forecast over and over again?  We always want the perfect weather, but don’t always get it.  No matter what the circumstances, hot, chilly, breezy, cloudy, we can usually go with what we are given and get the shot!  Flexibility and patience is a must.  Some days extra deodorant and hairspray help too, lol!  As long as it is not raining, or extremely windy, we can edit to bring in light for the beach shots we love.

Children are precious!

It is so important to capture every stage of their life.  There are some stages that they may not love having their photo taken.  This is where your Orange Beach photographer’s experience comes into play.  There are several ways to capture your little one having fun at the beach.  Candid photos running on the beach are always cute.  And at times, even though stressful for mom and dad, a pouting face may be absolutely the photo that you end up loving the best!

Let’s keep it fun!

Everyone, including babies and grandpa’s, look and feel their best when they are having fun.  As an Orange Beach photographer, we will keep your session as light and carefree as possible. It is already such a joy to connect with happy vacationing families, how could we not have a great time playing with you on the beach!  Our goal is to make the whole gang feel comfortable and relaxed.  So, bring on the family, let’s take some family photos at the beach with your Orange Beach Photographer at Beach Shutters Photography!