Orange Beach Photography

Orange Beach is my home and photography is my career!  This is my story.  I meet great people that are usually on vacation.  For most of my sessions, we meet at the most beautiful time of day, sunset or sunrise!  We have fun, we create art.  What a job!  It would be my honor if you allowed Beach Shutters Photography to be part of your family traditions.

I go way back with some families!

Over the years I have developed friendships with so many vacationers that have made beach photos a tradition.  For some, we started with engagement photos, then wedding photography next comes family photos, and so on.  You get the picture!  Because of  Orange Beach Photography, I have been fortunate enough to develop many relationships that I would not have otherwise.  Being able to celebrate anniversaries, announce births, and meet extended family members.  I cherish every opportunity to share these precious moments with all of my sweet families over the years.

Keeping up with the Jones!

I get to keep up with the Jones, Bourdeaux, Hodges, Fuentes, Phipps, Johnson, Hopkins, etc.  Not only do I get to keep up with many families, I am able to share their stories through photography.  In the end, the photos that we take on your vacation in Orange Beach are not just memories.  These photos are reminders of bygone eras and become family treasures.  A family history can be told through your Orange beach photography sessions, and I am so thankful to be a part of it!

I love to live and shoot here!

Sometimes I just pinch myself!  It is such a blessing to live in this beautiful beach town and get to take photos of such wonderful families.   This is my dream job, and life couldn’t be better!  At the end of the day, when the sun is setting, and I am with a happy vacationing family,  all is good.  Thank you for choosing me for your Orange Beach Photography needs.  Now, let’s make some art together!

Your friend with a Big Camera,