Our Vacation

Here are a few photos from our personal vacation this year.  We take our breaks in the off-season, so we don’t miss any photos.  As soon as we get caught up on editing, we start our planning!

beach photos of our vacation

The water is crystal clear in the Florida Keys!

beach portraits Alabama

Summer is always happy to be my model.

This year we went back to Islamorada.

The Florida Keys have our hearts.  Over the years it has become “the happy place” for us.  It ranks up there in 2nd place to the Alabama gulf coast, lol.  Seriously, as much as we love our hometown, it is a bit chilly during the winter.

hotel balcony views

Here is the view from our hotel balcony. We stayed at the Postcard Inn in Islamorada.

Heading south for the winter is a must.

Since we work all spring, summer, and fall, our winter break is very important.  The Florida Keys offer everything we love about Orange Beach, so it is a great December-January destination.

winter in the Florida Keys

Traveling south gives us the warm weather vacation that we miss during the summer.

We also made a stop in the Bahamas for a few days during our vacation.

Yeah, mon!  This place was a real treat.  The weather was perfect and our activities were plentiful.  Summer got to swim with the dolphins & pigs.  Trey and I relaxed and ate like pigs, haha.

beaches in the Bahamas

This is the beach at Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas.

beach photography

Another of our many photos taken in the Bahamas.

sunset photography

The sunsets were amazing!

The water was so very blue this year.

The Atlantic was as clear as I have ever seen it.  This made for the best snorkeling adventures.  We saw angelfish, squid, barracuda, and even a shark.  The one mishap was when a man 0 war stung Summer.  Talk about freaking out!  Not only Summer but her mama.  Luckily a nearby boat had prepared a homemade sting paste.  As soon as we saw what had gotten her, we took action.  The paste, vinegar, Advil, ice, and an Allegra did the trick.  1 hour later and we were back on the boat for fishing this time.

Fishing Orange Beach

My son joined us for a couple of days. He is an expert when it comes to throwing a cast net. It is one of the benefits of growing up in Orange Beach!

That about wraps up our winter vacation.

Next year we plan to do the same thing.  Instead of exchanging Christmas presents, we will give each other the Gift of No Gifts.  It made for an enjoyable holiday season that was for the most part stress-free.

our Florida vacation

We love our morning walks!

Now we are refreshed and ready for the New Year.

Bring it on 2022.  We cannot wait to see all of our repeat families and meet new friends.  Beach Shutters Photography thanks you for allowing us to capture your vacation memories with beach portraits.   We are so very grateful to be your family beach photographers!

my family photos

We didn’t take many photos, but I certainly treasure the few that we have.

landscape photographers

Eye candy!

landscape photos Gulf Shores

I found several photo opportunities around the resort. Everything was so green and lush!