Tips to Choose the Perfect outfit for Family Photos

Deciding what to wear for your photo session is one of the most important decisions to make after you choose a photographer in Orange Beach.  I will give you my advice here, for what it is worth.

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Sundresses are always a favorite, in any color!

What are you wearing?

Choosing and coordinating clothing for a family photoshoot can be a daunting task.  It doesn’t have to be.  In fact, you probably have most of what you need in your closet already!  This post covers my tips for picking your outfits for family photos.

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The Blues work every time!

Keep it simple.

My most important piece of advice is to keep it simple when choosing outfits for family photos.  Choose one article of clothing, for example, your daughter’s blue and white dress.  Choose the same shade blue for your son’s collared shirt, and let dad wear a neutral color buttondown with his favorite khakis.  This leaves only one outfit to buy… the most important one, yours, lol!  How about a white sundress with a sweater if you would like.

What to wear for family photography

You could pull at least 3 colors from her dress.

99% of moms choose bare feet for beach portraits.

This is very helpful.  Bare feet look cute with any style clothing, from the dressiest of dresses to T-shirts and shorts.  Shoes are one thing you won’t need to stress over.

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Mom ran to Target in Gulf Shores to grab all of these outfits for a last-minute photo session.

Try to complement each other’s outfits for family photos.

There is no reason to be matchy-matchy unless you want to.  By coordinating complementary colors in the same tones, you will look put together naturally.  For example, choose neutrals for everyone, and go with khaki, white, olive green.  Or maybe pastels or primary colors, just have everyone on the same page.

Don’t overthink it.

This is hard, I know.  Generally, solids work great together, so start there.  But on the other hand, prints can really pop!  Here is an example of print outfits, so you can see for yourself.  The “don’t wear prints” old rule does not apply at the beach.  You guessed it.. anything goes!  Even the traditional white which never goes out of style pictured here.  It is a classic and always a favorite outfits for family beach photos.

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Who says you can’t wear prints?

Browse through my website gallery for more ideas for outfits for family photos.

We also have a Beach Shutters Photography Facebook page and Instagram.  There are tons of examples of well-dressed families.  You could also go down the rabbit hole of Pinterest, one of my favorite activities!  There are also lots of other wonderful photographers in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores that have great examples on their social media and websites.

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White is always a classic!

Happy Shopping & we look forward to seeing you in your cute outfits at the beach!

Remember Beach Shutters Photography offers much more than Family Beach Photos.  We are also weddings, real estate, and engagement photographers.  Just ask us, and we can probably meet your photographer’s needs.

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Well done! I love these outfits for family photos.

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No matter what you choose, your family will look fabulous!