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Daddy, throw me!

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Let’s go

Photographer Orange Beach

Daddy daughter dance

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Mommy & Daddy Dance

photography Orange Beach

How precious are they!

Head Shot Photographer Orange Beach Al

Head Shot with the best background ever


How to Plan a Perfect Photo Session

A successful sunset portrait session starts with great lighting.  That is exactly what we got last night at the Alabama Point East.  This particular evening, I happen to be photographing a photographer’s family.  Her kids are very used to having a camera in their face, and the entire family knows what to do in front and behind the camera.  They made my job easy!

Why take family photos?

Mom:  “I would like someone else to run the show, posing the family and let me be in the photos for a change.  I am hoping to get a nice family Christmas card.”

Dad:  “What mom says, and a recent headshot.”

Daughter: “A photo of me dancing with my dad.”

Son: “Where are we eating dinner?”

These are all easy tasks, and it was very helpful to know what the Shaver family wanted before we got started.

Helpful Hints to make the most of your Beach Portraits:

With some preparation, you too can have the perfect photo session.  Here are a few things to remember when updating your family photos:

  1. Choose your clothing wisely.  Keeping your clothing simple and non-binding will allow you to move about freely during photos.  Neutral colors always photograph well at the beach, so if in doubt, go with a soft color.  Wearing a hairstyle that can be windblown also helps.  There is usually a breeze, so add an extra squirt of hairspray as well.
  2. Prepare the kids and dad, so they know what is expected.  Usually, if they know it is only going to last 30 minutes, they are satisfied.  Also, give them a count.  If they know for example we will be taking 20 different poses, they can help count it down.
  3. Depending on the weather, you can bring a jacket or blanket.  Sometimes it is a bit chilly in the evenings this time of year.  The opposite is true in the summer, it will be HOT!  Bringing a rag to wipe sweat helps.  In any weather, chapstick helps with dry lips, and powder for shine on mom and girls.
  4. Leave the sunglasses, phone and chewing gum in the car.  Taking sunglasses on and off during photos doesn’t give your eyes time to adjust.  Phones are hard to hide in your pockets, and laying them in the sand is not a good idea.  Finally, it is hard to smile with gum in your mouth.  I sound like a teacher, taking up all of your goodies, don’t I?
  5. Relax!  Now that you are here, you can let go and give the session over to me.  I have got this!  You enjoy your family time here at the beach.  Have fun while we are together and it will certainly show.  Before you know it, the sun will set and that will be a wrap on your very own perfect photo session!

A special thanks to Katherine for choosing Beach Shutters to photograph her family this year.   Just knowing that you trust me to take your family photos means so much!  I hope you get the Christmas card and family photo that you were wanting from this session.  I certainly got an awesome family to work with that knows the ropes when it comes to photos.  You make me look good!