When planning a beach trip, Dr. Lee made a point to hire a photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama.  This is not just any family vacation, it is a very special trip.

Lauren and Jayden are so excited to visit the Gulf Shores!

The twins have never seen the beach.  Their parents wanted to capture the girl’s expressions when they saw the gulf.  It was a precious sight!  There was jumping, cartwheels, and running.  They could not stop smiling and laughing.  What sweet memories we were able to capture today!

photography in Gulf Shores

We are here!

The ocean is so big!

The girls will remember this day forever.  I am so happy their dad had the forethought to arrange for photos of the big day.  Hiring a photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama is easy, affordable and so worth it!

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your family’s vacation.

Gulf Shores Alabama photographer

Beach Day

Gulf Shores photographer

Beach Family Photo

Photos only take minutes.  A small family session lasts about half an hour.  The memories, however, last a lifetime.  It makes me so happy to share this time with my clients, and even more happy to deliver their photos shortly after they are back home.

Sit back and enjoy your time at the beach.

Trying to capture your own photos can take away from your experience.  By hiring a photographer in Gulf Shores Alabama, you can relax and enjoy your family.  We will be there, taking happy, candid photos of your crew.  All you need to do is smile, laugh and play around with the kids!

We know the area best.

Our experience pays off daily.  Your Beach Shutters photographer will capture the most important parts of your vacation so that you can enjoy your trip and cherish the memories later.  We know exactly when and where to take photos in the area.

Thank you for trusting Beach Shutters Photography to capture your vacation portraits!