Hey vacationers, are you looking for a photographer in Perdido Key Florida?

Hey vacationers, are you looking for a photographer in Perdido Key Florida?  Beach Shutters Photography is right next door in Orange Beach Alabama.  We are just a few miles down the road from Perdido Key.  We specialize in family beach portraits as well as wedding photography.  If it is your first trip to Perdido Key, you are in for a treat.  This quaint little vacation town is very low key.  It is located close enough to Pensacola to enjoy shopping and nightlife but far enough from the city to be a true beach town.  One of the amazing features of the Perdido Key community is that there are several State Parks.  These preserves are very picturesque.  It really makes my job easy, even when the condos and vacation homes are at capacity, the Public beaches are plentiful.
Using the public area is easy.  There is usually a small entrance fee of $5.00 per car for a few of these locations.  This area offers the beach that everyone comes to expect from Florida beach photos.

The dunes are beautiful and covered with sea oats.

There are no crowds on the beaches of Perdido Key.    The state parks are well maintained and photograph well.  Another good thing about using the public beach is the restrooms.  They are usually very clean, which makes them useful for a quick wardrobe change.
Many of the condos and beach houses also photograph well.  The Eden condominiums, for example, has an area just to the east that makes wonderful photos.  The last time I photographed a family there, we found a large driftwood log that made a perfect natural prop.  Beach home rentals are also good options for photos.  Many have dunes right on the property, and maybe even a nice private deck with a view.  No matter where you are vacationing in Perdido Key when it comes to beach photographers, we have got you covered!