Photographers in the Gulf Shores Area

There are dozens of photographers in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area. We are glad you landed on our page! Beach Shutters Photography is based out of Orange Beach, but we travel to surrounding beaches.

Gulf Shores Photography

Guinn, Clayton and Family!

This morning, I met Guinn & Clayton’s family on a city beach near their condo in the Gulf Shores area.

There were plenty of clouds to bring the excellent filtered lighting. My favorite part of this session was the puddle and the reflective yellow cloud behind them. The sky and beach are never the same, but if I could have ordered a lovely morning, this would be it!

photographers in Orange Beach Alabama

The reason for the early wake up!

Morning vs. Evening photos.

In Guinn’s case, she decided on a morning session because she has a young child. Her son does better in the morning when he is fresh and awake. It was a great plan! We encourage families with little ones to consider a sunrise session for this very reason. Other things to consider: the beach is less crowded, the sand is cool to the touch instead of hot, and the lighting is beautiful!

Alabama beach portraits

The morning sky!

Most photographers in the Gulf Shores area offer both sunset and sunrise sessions.

Beach Shutters is out there several mornings a week during the summertime, and we run into other photographers while doing our thing. It is an excellent choice with only one drawback. You guessed it, the early morning wake-up!

What are you looking for in a beach photographer?

Besides our sunset and sunrise choices, we offer editing. There will never be other people in the background of your family portraits with Beach Shutters. Even during our busiest sunset sessions, we remove all of the background people, signs, & trash. Next up, Beach Shutters applies our editing profile before enhancing the skies and whitening the sand when needed. Last but not least, we whiten teeth (if required), enhance eyes and remove blemishes on the face.

You have found one if you are looking for photographers in the Orange Beach, Perdido Key, Fort Morgan, or Gulf Shores area! Beach Shutters would love to take your family photos while you are here visiting our Alabama beaches!