Photographing Houses in Orange Beach Alabama

Hi homeowners!  We are Beach Shutters, and we are in the business of photographing houses in Orange Beach Alabama!

Do you own a home or a condo in Orange Beach?  When selling or renting a property, there is one thing that realtors can agree on; you need great photos!  That is where we come in.  Beach Shutters Photography is your real estate photographer in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores!

photographers in Orange Beach Alabama real estate

Clean and decluttered, great job!

Orange Beach, real estate photography, is available to you at an affordable price.

We do have the specialized lenses to make your property shine.  With our 14mm lens, your room will look large, light, and airy.  We do bracket our photos as well to give that HDR look that everyone loves.  This process combines several images shot at different exposures to be connected.  By going through this extra step, the image is crisp and vibrant.  It also allows the photo to show the view through the window, which is so very important, especially for those beachfront homes!

photographing houses in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Alabama.

Nice Kitchen!

We know the photos that stand out on VRBO and Airbnb.

A good number of our real estate photography clients need quality photos for VRBO and Airbnb.  Professional images stand out against the completion when compared to similar listings, getting more renters to stop on your page.  For this reason alone, pro real estate photos are a significant investment.

What goes into photographing houses in Orange Beach Alabama?

For each home or condo that we photograph, there are a few steps that we always follow.  First of all, we ask that the house be uncluttered and staged for photos.  This means having the beds made and wrinkle-free, and all clutter put away.  Please make sure all light bulbs are in working order, and personal items are put away.

Is today a good day?

When photographing houses, it is best to choose a bright or partly cloudy day.  The weather does not have to be perfect, but a rainy or foggy day does not make the best real estate photos.  After choosing a nice day, we bring our equipment (cameras, two lenses, tripod, and lights) to your home for about 30 minutes.

How long does it take to receive my real estate photos?

On average, we need about 48 hours to merge and edit photos.  After preparing your package, the picture will be emailed to you.  This downloadable link can be fwd to your potential buyers or realtors so that your high-resolution digital images can be shared.