Do you think photos boost your child’s self-esteem?

One of the powerful benefits of family photography that we rarely think about is how it can boost confidence.  Kids love seeing their accomplishments in a photo, and it makes them feel special.  Just knowing that their parents are proud enough of their accomplishments to take a photo raises their confidence.

family photos self-esteem

We belong together!

How many times do your kids ask, “Are you going to put that on Facebook?”

For Summer, our 12-year-old,  nothing pleases her more than seeing herself on mom & dad’s social media.  I know that I am not alone in seeing the pride in her abilities when she knows that her parents are proud.   As most of you know, we adopted our foster child, Summer this year.  She was 11 when she came to live with us and had no photos of her childhood.  For this reason, she may be more excited than most to see herself in photos.

Gulf Shores family photography

Family is love!

It is important for kids to see themselves as part of a family.

Being part of a family unit is so important to all of us.  Photos allow us to document our lives, knowing who we are and where we fit in.  Just having a place in family photos builds your child’s self-esteem.  There is a sense of “I belong here” that is created.

What message do we send when we display a family portrait in our home?

I think it sends the message that you are important.  I value our time together and cherish every moment with you and our family.  It is a powerful thing to be able to hold a memory in our hands and look back at a time in history.  There is no better way to honor each other than displaying our family experiences for everyone to see.

Take the photo, and then print it!

Now I am making myself want to print more family pictures!  It is easier than journaling and tells the story of our lives for us.