Photos in the Off-Season

If you are visiting Orange Beach this Fall or Winter, welcome to our Off-Season!  Taking photos this time of year has its perks.  The obvious advantage is that there are fewer people here, so this means more attention for you!  When we have the beach to ourselves, there are no worries about staying out of the beach-goers way, and editing others out of our photos.  It is a relaxing experience for your family and their photos in the off-season.

There is an opportunity to take photos that you just cannot get during the height of tourist season.

One of the more popular photo locations in Orange Beach is Alabama Point East.  In the Spring and Summer, there can be as many as two-dozen photographers and many more vacationers at the rocks.  It is a beautiful place to watch the sunset, and take pictures, so it is always crowded…except in the winter!  There have times that I have actually gotten photos in the off-season and been the only photographer there!  My client on the rocks, with the Gulf behind them, now that is a fabulous shot.

beach photographer Orange Beach

Happy to be here!

So it is a bit chilly, sometimes.  This can be a good thing!

Do you like to hide certain parts of your body in photos?  For some, it is their belly, and for others (like me) it is my arms.  No matter what your problem area may be, you can wear plenty of clothing to hide it!  Layers look great at the beach.  Just imagine bulky sweaters or flowing scarves at the beach.  That is a cozy, Instagram shot, isn’t it!

How about that moody landscape?

Photos in the off-season can be more dramatic due to the changing weather at the Gulf.  Some days there may be a dramatic fog, or an overcast sky, with the sun breaking through.  These can be jackpot shots!  I like to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and try to figure out how to make all conditions work for your photos.

Thanks for reading my blog about photos in the off-season.  Remember there is no better place to spend a few days in the winter than at the beach!  I hope to see you there!  Some other services that we offer are Family Beach Portraits, Wedding photography, Real estate photos, and senior portraits.