Play All Day

Families with little ones can play all day and take photos at sunset. That is precisely what the Pruett family did. The kids had a great time at our photo session. They just continued playing on the beach while we shot a few photos.

lifestyle photography at the beach

Christine’s family is interacting. Tickle time!

Christine had a few photos in mind.

She specifically asked for a shot of her hubby tossing their daughter while she and her son looked on. It came out perfect! Action photos are great when you have little ones. The smiles look genuine because they are! Kids love to have mom & dad’s full attention. Playing all day is a great way to get those happy expressions that make a photo session shine.

beach portraits

Yes, we got the formal shots too!

Keep it light & make it quick.

Young children lose interest within 15 minutes. That is natural and expected. Beach Shutters goes in quick to get the posed photos right away. Then it is time to run, jump, twirl and enjoy the company of your kiddos. Lifestyle photos are coming your way, and the beach is the best backdrop for light, airy, fun pictures.

play all day and party all night.

Take a break to appreciate!

Play all day, nap, then play all evening!

Beach Shutters Photography strongly recommends naps on photo day. The sun, surf, and vacation can take a lot out of a person—especially the littlest of people. Kids enjoy beach photo sessions when they are rested and fed. So take the naps and bring the snacks!

family photographers in Perdido Key

A great way to end a photo session!

Wear your sunscreen when you play all day on the beach.

The water & sand magnify the sun’s rays, so be careful! Not only does a sunburn not photograph well, but it can also be very uncomfortable! Apply and reapply the sunblock. The same goes for hairspray at the beach. The wind and humidity can bring out the frizzies for the best of us. Products, products! Lotions, potions, and sprays are all needed in this beachy climate.