Project Description

A Family Sunset Session

The best time of day for a family sunset session is 30 minutes before the sun actually sets.  The lighting is just right for that soft portrait look that everyone wants.  There are virtually no shadows on the face, and no squinting for those with sensitive eyes.  Another bonus is the temperature usually drops a few degrees in the evening, so dad is happier and less sweaty!  This time of day cast a Golden light that is ideal for photography.  This family’s photos are a perfect example of the 30 minute, Basic package offered by Beach Shutters Photography.

Now this does not mean there are no other time of day for your family photos.. For you early risers, a sunrise session offers the same advantages and magical look as a sunset session.  The benefit of this option is that, more than likely, you will have the beach to yourself.  Late afternoon is another good time for photos.  On a cloudy day, you get the soft lighting of a sunrise or sunset.  If there are no clouds, you still can have a wonderful session.  I bring a hand held shade for softening shadows on the face for the portrait style photos.  As far as the fun shots, there are actually options this time of day that don’t quite work at sunset.  The action shots (jumping, running, and playing around) are even better with the extra light provided on a cloudless day.

So you have options!  What is the look you’re after?  If it is sunset, you are not alone.  Most families do choose this time slot, and for good reason.  Beach sunsets are always beautiful, and make for a unique backdrop, with or without clouds.

Take a minute to scroll through this local family’s recent session.  It is a good example of a Beach Shutters Sunset Session, available year round.  See you at the Beach!