A Perfect Photo Session in Gulf Shores

What is the recipe for a perfect photo session?

There is something happy about these photos.  Can you put your finger on it?  Do they make you smile back at the screen?

Meet Kylie & Katie.  These 2 friends are vacationing together with their families here in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  One of their planned activities was to split a photo session.  We did just that!   Something went right with their session, can you guess what?

Gulf Shores photographers

Kylie & Katy. 2 families with one goal. Fun Photos!

photographers in Orange Beach

Kylie & her family. She arranged the photo session.

Alabama beach photographers

Her friend Katy decided to join in the fun photo session with her crew.

Was it a perfect day?

Nope, it was actually a bit foggy, so we started earlier than sunset to avoid losing light.  As a matter of fact, these 2 families were scheduled for photos today, but as the weather would have it, rain is coming in.   Luckily they were available yesterday, instead of keeping our original plan.  Yes, a rainy day gives me time to catch up on editing and Blog.  So here I sit at the computer, instead of being out on the beach taking family photos.

perfect family photo session at the beach

I like your dimples!

Did they have perfect photo session lighting?

Not quite. The fog was rolling in, but I do like the interesting clouds. I would say we got a photogenic afternoon.  The wind was blowing a bit, but an extra squirt of hairspray can keep the girl’s & GUYS hair in place.

things to do in Gulf Shores

Fly me like an airplane mommy!

photographers at Phoenix condos

Now Daddy’s turn!

Were you the only person on the beach?

No way!  This is Spring Break, at the Phoenix West in Orange Beach.   I edited lots of folks out of these photos.  It just looks like we were on a deserted beach.

Before Edits

before edits photos

Before Image. This is what it really looked like, before edits.

After Edits

edited photos in Orange Beach

Bam! After edits, just us on a magical day at the beach!

They are a beautiful family of models?

Correct they are a beautiful family, but they have regular careers, and they are not models, but you are getting close.  They know what they want from a photo session, and let me know when we met at the beach, so I could help execute the vision.  Kylie requested fun photos for a perfect photo session!

candid photographers Gulf Shores

Fun day at the beach!

beach Gulf Shores

Mom & Dad need a photo together too!

Alabama beach activities

Just try not to smile back. Can’t do it, can you!

What makes this a perfect photo session?

Kylie & Katy wanted playful, fun, not posed photos.  They specifically asked for the candid, lifestyle photography that goes hand in hand with beach portraits.  This means, get ready for it… You & your family do not look at the camera.  Oh, you see it now, don’t you!  They are interacting with the ones they love.  This adds a personal touch that makes the photos have a playful vibe.  A “life is happening” feel that comes with lifestyle photos.

Think it is easy?

It can be if you are willing to look at each other, get splashed sometimes or dance like no one is watching on the beach.

Gulf Shores Alabama

Trying not to laugh. Ah, go ahead and laugh!

This is not serious business, this is a perfect photo session.

A perfect photo session is light, friendly & fun.  It is your family enjoying the evening.  We will guide you with a few instructions & be mindful of the wind direction & lighting.  Your only job is to smile at your spouse, son & daughter.

the beach at Orange Beach

Carter is the wild child of the family! He didn’t mind pulling them to the water.

Our job is to create the scene for a perfect photo session.

Beach Shutters can push you to your edge of silliness.  We may ask you to spin, dance, or run if you are willing.  Go ahead & laugh with us, even at yourself.  The outcome will be beach memories forever that you can display on the wall.  Family Art!

here comes trouble

Here comes cuteness!

My favorite part about this photo session?

As we were leaving, Keith said he loved seeing his wife’s genuine laugh.  That made my day, and now I know our afternoon was a success.  I will have repeat clients forever, and they will tell their friends.  That made this a perfect photo session for me!

places to dine in Gulf Shores

That was fun. I had fun, did you? Now let’s go to dinner.