Adoption photos

It is quite an honor to show off these adoption photos!

It has been a long road, with many bumps along the way for Sarah & Doug.  As a foster/adoptive mom myself, I can tell you that each adoption comes with its own set of obstacles to overcome.  The ups and downs are real, but the rewards are worth every single effort.

Gulf Shores adoption photos

Mom & her daughters!

Time to post the photos!  It is official!

While in foster care, social media photos are not allowed, so you know how exciting it is to finally post family photos.  What a beautiful setting to capture mom, dad and daughters interacting.  I can feel the love and excitement in every photo.  Not only seeing the beach for the first time but the sheer happiness of being with family.

adoption photos of a family at the beach

This photo tells the story, no words are needed.

It is time to catch up!

Paperwork, home inspections, heartache, and waiting.. oh the waiting!  It is all real when going through the system.  Now that all of the hoops have been jumped through and the hurdles crossed, they can relax and catch up!  The first step is to introduce the girls to mom and dad’s favorite vacation destination, Gulf Shores!

beach portraits in Gulf Shores

Pure joy!

While at their happy place, why not take adoption photos!

This is a wonderful way to document the beautiful time in their lives.  Before you know it, everyone will be looking back to see how little, and happy the girls were when they were adopted.  Time doesn’t stop, so it is most important to go ahead and take the vacation… and schedule the family photos, right!

beach photos in Orange Beach

Daddy/daughter LOVE!

We all love a happy story!

This happy story starts and ends with love!  There are so many chapters to write, and they are just getting started.  I hope they continue to allow Beach Shutters Photography to be their photographer in Gulf Shores.  Documenting their journey and following their story will be such a pleasure.

remembering a lost loved one with photos

Remembering their brother is very important.

For now, I want to say thank you for allowing me to take your adoption photos.

I enjoyed seeing you again and meeting your beautiful daughters!  I am more than proud of you all & the steps that it has taken to get you where you are today.  If you would like to schedule your beach portraits in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, please consider Beach Shutters Photography.