Alabama Beach Portraits

Alabama beach portraits are in season! Beach Shutters Photography takes photos along the coast of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama. Our coastline is second to none in that the sand is white, the water is emerald green, and our sea oats are plentiful.

Beach Portraits in Alabama

“I have never had so much fun at a photo session”! said Helena.

Meet Helena!

She is leaving for college this fall and needed sorority headshots. What a beautiful person, inside & out! Helena will make an excellent addition to any sorority that she chooses. We are so pleased that she allowed us to take her beach pictures.

Headshots in Orange Beach

Head Shots with the best background ever!

Coastal Alabama beach portraits tell a story.

Growing up on the coast of Alabama has been a blessing. Helena represents this town well with all of her achievements. She has accomplished so much, and the rewards will come her way in full force. I cannot wait to see where her future leads.

Beach Photographers in Gulf Shores.

So many soft and reflective surfaces to choose from.

The beach lighting is phenomenal.

Natural Light photography works well at the beach for several reasons. The sand reflects light and gives an even tone to the entire space. Flash photos are shiny and show every detail of your face, but natural light is creamy and softens the glow for a flawless look.

Best Photographers in Alabama.

Headshots at the beach!

Our backgrounds are unforgettable.

The ever-changing beaches offer colorful sunsets, green sea oats, waves in motion, and a light breeze that moves the hair gracefully. In my opinion, there is no better backdrop for portraits. Whites, blues, and greens complement any clothing choices.

The experience.

The whole beach photo experience is fantastic. There is nothing stuffy or formal about being barefoot on the beach with a sea breeze blowing. The sites, smells, and textures work well together. Posed, candid, and professional headshots, all in one!

Orange Beach & Gulf Shores are Alabama’s little gems.

Our pride and joy is right here on the sandy shores of our coastal towns. I am so thankful to meet every one of the locals & visitors that use our photo services.