Alabama Beaches

While touring the southeast, this couple visited our Alabama beaches. We were one of many stops for this adventurous Colorado couple. Did I mention these two are traveling light!

Beach Shutters Photography

The pass is a must-see in Alabama.

Jony shipped her dress to the hotel because she was on a motorcycle!

That is right. The couple decided the best way to see the countryside was by bike. Jony shipped her favorite dress and met for sunrise photos before hitting the road later in the morning.

photographers in Orange Beach

Such a romantic couple! Picture perfect

The rocks at Florida Point in Orange Beach are a lovely place to watch the sunrise.

Alabama beaches are a 30-mile stretch of white sandy beaches. There are few spots as lovely as the rocks, though. I highly recommend catching a sunrise at the pass if you are visiting.

Photographers in Perdido Key

Love is in the air!

When I texted Jony to look at her Facebook preview, she was almost to Nashville.

They were waiting out a storm under a bridge. Hey, it is a trip Jony will never forget. They came, saw, and enjoyed every bit of the journey and time together in the south.

photographers in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have great scenery!

Alabama beaches are top-notch!

I am happy she chose Beach Shutters to take her traveling beach photos. Our beaches make the best photos and this couple, well, they are gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with a great combination of pretty people and a stunning landscape!

As the trip continued, they got to Nashville to enjoy music and city life.

The adventure was well-planned, indeed. City, music, waves, surf, and biking all sound like the making of a perfect romantic getaway!

Beach Shutters Photography loves meeting all of our clients.

Whether you show up on a bike, plane, RV, SUV, or car, we find everyone is happy and ready to vacation! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the fun and capture a piece of your Alabama beach time forever. Making memories are great! Looking back at professional photos of the memories is even better.

Keep the good times going!

Photos are the best way to relive and hold on to the great moments in life. I bet the bike trip across the country will be one of the highlights of Jony’s life!