Anniversary Photos

What do you want for your Anniversary? A trip to the beach, dinner at Cobalt, and an updated family photo! That is what Robin wanted and got for her Anniversary this year. You see, 2 of their children are seniors this year, so a couple of photos of the graduates, all 3 of the kids, and a family photo or ten was what she had in mind.

Anniversary beach photos at Shell Beach

The whole family! Do you know how hard it is to get 3 teens together for a photo?

Not only did Robin get an updated family beach portrait, but she also chose the exact photo location that she and Brian used for their wedding ceremony!

That is quite romantic! Well, maybe not for their three teenagers that had to witness a few romantic shots! I couldn’t let them get away without a few couples poses, just for old time’s sake. How often do you end up at the same spot where you said your wedding vows, right?!

Anniversary beach portraits in Gulf Shores

This is the very same beach that Brian & Robin said their vows!

I think they all had a good time!

It is hard to get three teenagers in one place; believe me, I have been there. Soon everyone will be going in different directions. That is just life, and as proud as it makes us moms, we long for all of our little ducklings to be under one roof. If only for a few days, we love it!

three teenagers senior portraits

Robin said that a photo of the 3 kids was a “must-have”.

A vacation is a great way to lure older kids into quality family time.

One more adventure, on the books. Even if they check their phones, teenagers love family time at the beach. Years later, kids won’t remember all those fancy clothes you bought for them, but they will remember time spent together. Go ahead, take the vacation!

family photo wardrobe

A group shot was very important to both Brian & Robin.

Reserve the condo, pack your bags, reserve a photographer!

It brings the family together like no other activity. Beach Shutters would love to capture your moments with family photos at the beach. It doesn’t have to be your Anniversary or any occasion at all.

toes in the water at the beach

Sorry kids, not sorry!

This will be an anniversary photo session to remember, won’t it? I mean, Wowza! These family beach portraits are unique, and dinner at Cobalts was delicious! Thanks for choosing Beach Shutters Photography & Happy Anniversary, Brian & Robin!

Orange Beach restaurants

Yay! Photos are over. Let’s go to Cobalts for dinner!