Baby Face

You’ve got the cutest baby face! And the sweetest little toes, two teeth, chubby cheeks, blue eyes, and a happy smile. Colt is all about the beach this year. I am so glad his mama chose Beach Shutters Photography to capture his reaction to seeing the sand, waves,, and surf.

Surfer baby

He likes it!

What does a happy photo do for you?

When I look at a photo, my mind returns to the day it was taken. I can hear the laughter, smell the sunscreen, and taste the salt in the air. Emotion overload! A rush of love and feelings comes over me by the bucketful, and I love it!

Beach vacations in Alabama

He got it from his mama!

He has the Gerber Baby Face, doesn’t he?

I told his mama how adorable and smiley her little boy was. The whole time we were taking photos, I thought he had a familiar, famous baby look. I realized when I went to edit their pictures that he had the face on a baby food jar!

Dad & Son Photography

Loves his daddy!

How long are they little?

Mine were small for a while, and they changed by the minute! Each day, I thought they couldn’t get any cuter, and there they go! Getting cuter. I am so thrilled to have the photos from each stage of life. I can’t think of a better investment than quality family photos.

Beach Photographers in Orange Beach.


Go ahead, hire a photographer!

Of course, you can take phone photos, too. Professional photographers can capture what a phone cannot get. The lens on our cameras is far superior to a mobile device blown up. Furthermore, you get to relax and be in front of the camera for once!

It is a splurge best taken on vacation.

You are at the beach, feeling good with your family and vacationing hard. Throw in a good seafood dinner, fishing trip, and family beach photos to make it all worth the drive. Beach Shutters would love to cover the family beach portraits portion!