Project Description

Beach Babies are our favorite babies

They grow up so fast! I just treasure the photos of my children when they were little and I know you feel the same way. They are usually not camera shy at all, and you never know what you’re going to get from the little ones.. that’s the beauty of it! Even if they are sleeping, playing or crying.. They will never be the same.  Lets Capture the moment weather it is a Birthday, First trip to the beach or no occasion at all.


photo at the ship wreck in Gulf Shores Ft Morgan Rd

Ahoy mate



Her grandmom knitted this cute little costume for the baby.. we had to get photos at the beach!

Happy Little Mermaid

Well we did drop a ring in the sand, but no worries.. we found it!

Our Daughter

This little darling is celebrating her 1st Birthday at the Beach

Little Princess

baby photography at the beach of naked baby

Sandy bottom

baby photos at the beach in Gulf Shores

Sandy britches



Props can make a photo awesome!

Up Up and Away!

Working around nap time and feeding schedules can be tricky for parents and photographers.. but the photo was well worth the efforts

Her 1st Birthday

A few times a year the whole family gets together. These are the most special times to remember.. get some photos

Sweet Cousins!

Like she is on the runway already, future model here

Such a Big Girl!

Under the boardwalk, perfect light, perfect baby!

Those Eyes!

Almost ready to let go of Mom and Dad's hand

First Steps

You never know how a baby will react to the sand, he sure did like it!

Sandy Feet, Happy Boy

The lighting was at it's best this day

Good night sweet one

She is ready to go isn't she!

So What are you doing behind that camera?

The colors of the day were spectacular! Some of the best photography happens on cloudy days

Big Blue Peepers

Santa at the beach , a local favorite for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Santa and his Elf at the beach