Beach Photos

Jason wanted to recreate one of his favorite beach photos that were taken of his older daughter when she was one.

Our clients have their expectations, and our photographers have goals.  We like to make sure the two match!  Vacation beach portraits are a pretty big deal for most families.  It very well may be the only time that the whole gang is together for a family photo shoot, so we want to make sure to get it right!

birthday on the boardwalk

Right away we got our First Birthday Photo. This one was very important!

This family had one goal for their photographer:  Recreate a Daddy/Daughter picture that was taken of the older sister when she was one.

It was a photo of her big sister standing on daddy’s toes.  Now it is little sister’s first birthday, and she is learning to walk.  You guessed it, she is learning to walk on daddy’s toes!  We got the shot and several more!   It was not hard, she loves her daddy, and it shows!

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Here it is! The recreation of a photo when Jason’s oldest daughter was one.

When you have a cute idea, go with it!

Mom had her own idea for photos.  Sarah had a family photo in mind that was playful and not so formal.  When your daughters are this young, play comes naturally!  Our photographer goals are very similar to moms in this case.  The more we play, the happier the photo.

photographers in Gulf Shores Al

How happy is this photo!

There was one more little beach photo request.

Big sister, Harper wanted a photo in her mermaid tail.  Talk about a big ole smile!  She lit up when mom said it is time to wear her tail.  We ended our session on a good note.  All of the beach photos were accomplished and we still had time for a couple more shots of the birthday girl.

kids activities Orange Beach

Well Hello, Little Mermaid!

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I bet you didn’t realize these photos were taken at sunrise. Yes, Jason & Sarah get the early bird award!

It is not just any vacation, it is a beach vacation!  Celebrate with beach photos.

Make the most of your time together by planning fun activities, eating lots of good seafood, and updating the family beach photos.  What a fun experience for the whole family!

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This Texas family has my heart!