Perfectly Imperfect Photos are the best!

Raise your hand if you have a perfect family… yeah, me neither, thank goodness!  When someone accuses you of being “perfectly imperfect” that means they accept your flaws and even love you for them.  That is what I hope to capture during a family session, the sweet little imperfections that make your family special.

Meet Carla’s family.

As we all know, sunset is the best hour to take photos.  The light is soft, the shadows are less and squinting is minimal.  Carla’s family consists of 4 little ones that usually go to bed at 7 pm sharp.  This week our sunset is at 7:30, so you know where this is going!  She was worried that we would not get the best photos at sunset.

I love her photos and everything about them!

If you look close, you can see that one baby is asleep, one is fussy, and two toddlers are delirious with laughter.  This is a time in their lives that they will never get back.  It reminds me of the cute drawings that we love to hang on the fridge.  The more imperfections, the better, in my opinion!

The Grandparent’s expressions are priceless!

This is their family, every little part of it.  The laughter, tears, sleepy babies, and helpful sons-in-law, all theirs!  We actually ended up getting a few posed shots with everybody looking at the camera, but comparatively, that is a bit boring when you can have this!  I am not a betting person, but if I were, I would bet this one wins the Best Photo contest and ends up above the fireplace!

fun with mom and dad

This one makes me happy

children's photographer Orange beach Alabama

Do they come any cuter than Stella?

best photographer Gulf Shores

How sweet is this photo!

candid beach photos Gulf Shores

If you’re handsome and you know it!

family photo at the Turquoise Place Orange Beach Alabama

It is passed our bedtimes!

grandparents photos

PawPaw and CeCe

Let’s not stress too much about the kid’s behavior, and just go with it!

The candid photos show your true family love and relationships at their best which is perfectly imperfect!  We would love to photograph you and your wild and crazy bunch while you are vacationing on the Alabama coast!

Your Beach Photographer,

Beach Shutters Photography

Orange Beach – Gulf Shores