Boys will be Boys!

Calling all boy moms, we know that boys will be boys, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, they don’t take the direct, easy route down the beach at photos. They think falling, rolling around, throwing sand, and splashing water are funny. All of these activities make a fun photo!

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Here they come!
Beach time!!!

Meet Cameron and Thomas.

These two are seeing the beach for the first time. Guess what? They LOVE IT! These two brothers ran, laughed, and wallered in the sand. They put the “Life” in “Lifestyle Photos” for sure! The excitement was contagious & we all joined in the fun. I was exhausted after chasing them to capture their beach adventure, but I could use a little exercise.

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2 boys, 2 palm trees!

Fun is what it is all about!

Posed photos do not work for everyone, especially 3 & 5-year-old little boys. They have too much energy, and let’s face it… standing still is Boring! Capturing their true nature requires letting the boys be boys at our photo sessions. They may get sandy or wet, but they will clean up.

boys will be boys at the beach

They didn’t sit still long, but when they did, we got the shot!

The memories are priceless!

Diane, their mom, says she is thrilled with their photos. She didn’t know if we were getting any shots because it was a whirlwind. These are the types of sessions that I enjoy! The chase, the snap, the perfect shot! Yes! We got it!

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The sunset was amazing, wasn’t it!

My favorite photo is the one of Thomas jumping while mom & dad lift Cameron.

Thomas was not asked to jump. He was just that excited. Can you see the joy on his face? This will be a memorable first beach vacation for everyone. And, hey, when the memories start to fade, they can look at the photos once again to relive the excitement of Thomas & Camerons’ first beach vacation!

Do you remember your first beach vacation?

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