Bright photos

Literally, these are Bright photos!

Meet the Lindsey Bright family.  She arranged photos for her family with one special request, to take a couple of extra photos of her son.  Logan happens to be a senior this year & senior photos are best at the beach!

Sunrise photo sessions

Good morning, Lindsey & Trey Bright family!

Light, Airy & Bright photos are our most requested style.

So many families tell me that they chose Beach Shutters Photography after browsing our portfolio.  We encourage everyone to shop around when choosing a beach photographer & go with the one that suits your taste.

Beach Shutters Photography

Lindsey & Trey were agreeable to a few fun photos of mom & dad.

Lindsay and Trey decided on a sunrise photo session.

Yes, the Bright family woke up bright and early!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol.  Sunrise photos are a good idea for a couple of reasons.  During the summer months, it is much cooler in the morning.  The same can be said about the number of people on the beach.  It is much less populated in the early morning.

Senior portraits

Logan’s senior photos!

Good Morning, sunshine!

The sun rises close to the water’s edge, so we are able to capture the coastline and the actual sunrise in your morning beach portraits.  That is a sweet reason to wake up early on vacation.  Another bonus, you can be the first one in line at the doughnut shop after photos!

senior photos at the beach.

Of course, my little sister needed a few photos too!

Beach Shutters Photography loves bright photos.

If you haven’t noticed, we consistently up the exposure and saturation on our finished product.  This allows our photos to have a certain feel, in my opinion.  What better style for beach portraits than light, airy and bright!

Bright family beach photos

Here comes the sun!

Calling all Early birds!

Especially in the summer months, you may want to consider a morning session.  This is the best time to take photos at the jetties.  Since they are very crowded in the evening, we ask that anyone wanting the “rocks location” plans to meet at sunrise.

hats at the beach

Another photo of the senior. He is always wearing a hat, so mom said it is ok for one photo.

Do you like the play on names?

Yes, the Bright family got bright photos.  We also have the Shores at the Shore.  Oh, the Johnson’s are at Johnson’s Beach, and the Cloud family… well they have perfect clouds!  Let our Orange Beach and Gulf Shores natural light photographers create fun photos with your family!

wish you were here in Orange Beach

The Bright kids say “wish you were here”!