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Candid photos in Orange Beach
Candid photography

Are you looking for a photographer in Orange Beach that specializes in Candid photos?

You have come to the right site.  Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores knows what you want.  Fun, candid photos of your family while on vacation!  Yes there is a need for posed photos.  We make sure everyone is looking at the camera, best we can, to get a few of the required formal shots.  Then, just about the time the kids and dads loose interest in the photography session, we get the candid photos.  These are captured when the clicking keeps on going as the baby is running away from us.  Some of my favorite photos are of strong-willed toddlers when they have had enough.  They may take-off running down the beach, or refuse to look at the camera lady anymore.  These can be some of the sweetest photos.  That look at mom can be so endearing, or reaching for just one more seashell.

Kids are going to be kids, so let’s just go with it.

When two sisters break-out into a cheer dance at the beach, snapping that shot is a must.  It capture a time in their life that doesn’t last forever.  I remember one family that wanted a photo with all of the grandchildren.  All 7 of them started crying, so what do the grandparents do?  They faced each other and made a big cry face too.  It was the cutest photo ever!  No matter what the age of your baby, 8 months or 80 years, bring the emotion.  Bring the energy and excitement, and we will bring the camera.  Let us capture your Candid photos while you are vacationing here in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores this year.  You will be glad you did!

magical moments photos of clouds

Wee! It’s windy

Children's Photography using candid poses in Orange Beach

my brother

family photographer in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Flying high

Candid photos are better

Gonna get you!