Project Description

Capturing Magical Photos

Capturing magical photos, is the objective for every Photo Shoot.   We get one one opportunity to get a few truly magical photos.  Even after years of taking photos full time I have discovered that there is no formula to capturing magical photos.

Capturing life’s little moments can be even more magical in photos.  The lighting at sunset, the colors you are wearing, clouds, scenery,  and most of all a quality lens on a pro level camera make all the difference.   There is a mood that is created just before the sunsets that is captured beautifully on camera.  Of course edits can bring this out. And some photos are easier than others to manipulate.  There is no “one way” to make a photo fairytale like.  It is a game with edits.  Would this photo look better light and airy?  Exposure up or down?  Should I go with a dramatic feel?  Really bring up the saturation of colors.  What story should this particular photo tell?  They all speak for themselves.  It is my job to determine if it is a whispery soft photo, or enchanting and colorful.

The tools are there the challenge is to adjust your image, to bring out the magic.

My goal is to bring you and your surroundings to life.  Working with what you have for the day is best.  On a windy day with no clouds,  a crisp action shot works great.  If we have a cloudy grey day, then bringing in some blues and yellows can make a magical image.  There is a moment at sunset or sunrise that looks magical on most any day.   I like to create the dreamy look with enhancing the clouds when available. Playing with the colors can also give a feel to a photos.  I can bring out the gold to give it a warm, sunny feel.  You can always go the other direction and bring up blues to have a cool crisp look.   There are even times that colors are not needed at all.  Some of my favorite photos are black & white images.

The subject of the photo (You) gets the most attention.

Making eyes pop and smiles sparkle is a must.  I remove all of the other distractions.  Was there a blemish on your face?  Not in my photos!  With a few retouches, you can look like a model.  It is you, only better.  Playing with highlights and shadows the face can be edited without looking artificial or plastic.
Well, enough about edits.  You get the picture.  Let’s concentrate on your job. Have fun at photos, let your hair down (unless it’s windy haha).  Just be yourself and know that I have your back and will be happy to edit your photo to make the ordinary look extraordinary.  Your know the location is top notch.  They sunrise or sunset lighting illuminates like no artificial flash can.  Our equipment is pro level and will take a quality RAW image ready to be manipulated with edits.

Let us assist you in capturing magical photos at the beach.

Beach Shutters!

Capturing Magical photos with pink skies in Gulf Shores

With flowers in her hair

magical moment photos taken while at the beach in Orange Beach

Walk on the beach

Photography in Orange Beach of a Bride and Groom at the wedding

Mommy and Daddy’s wedding day!

magical photos on the beach

My Sister is my Bestie