America’s Favorite Cheer Coach is on vacation!

Orange Beach Alabama is the destination of choice for this down-to-earth coach.  It has been a family favorite for years and continues to be the week that she and her crew love.  Who can blame them?  Alabama beaches are second to none, and you can get there from Texas quick and easy!

family beach portraits of Monica Aldama

My favorite Netflix star is here in town!


I will admit I am a bit star-struck.  I love this cheer coach!

My girls both love cheer, so as I am a certified cheer-mom x 2.  Recently I discovered the Nexflix documentary starring the lovely Monica!  I was amazed at the dedication and hard work that goes into coaching and loved the way she handled herself with grace and style.

cheer coach visits Alabama beaches

Of course, they can jump, they have the best coach!

When I got the call to take family photos for the cheer coach & her family, I was thrilled!

Monica & her family are as kind in person as she is on the show.  This is just the beginning, of her journey.   With her attitude, she will have continued success.  Before you know it, Monica Aldama will be a household name!  I am so proud to have taken her beach portraits.

cheer photographers in Orange Beach Alabama

Striking a pose with the fam!

Dancing with the Stars called me to use some Beach Shutters photos.

Yes, that is right, our favorite cheer coach will be bringing her own moves to the dance floor.  Trey & I will be glued to the TV to see her in action.  I imagine she will knock it out of the park!  She will be easy to coach and have a head start on the rest of the contestants, lol!

Monica Aldama's children

Good looking kiddos!

We wish our cheer coach continued success, and look forward to catching up with her next summer at the beach.

As photographers in Orange Beach, we meet plenty of lovely families, and this is just one of the many success stories that we hope our photos are able to tell.  If you would like to tell your story in photos, let Beach Shutters Photography cover the beach vacation chapter!

watch Dancing with the Stars

Good Luck with Dancing with the Stars!