Cheerleaders in Orange Beach

We have plenty of cheerleaders in Orange Beach this week!  The Wharf Amphitheater is hosting the annual Deep South Cheer competition for cheerleaders all over the country.  Shea & Addison are here from Colorado to compete in the Level 6 category.  They caught a flight from the snowy Rocky Mountains to the warm coast of Alabama this week.  What a fun adventure for these two besties!

photo shoot in Orange Beach Alabama

Addison & Shae are celebrating their Sweet 16 together!

This is a big time in their lives.

Both girls are celebrating birthdays.  Not just any birthday, but their sweet sixteen!  Since they have been friends and have cheered together since they were in kindergarten, their moms arranged for friendship photos.  This is a time in their lives to remember, and a beach trip is an awesome opportunity for a photo session with a background that is not available in Colorado.

Orange Beach Alabama photographers

Cheerleader jump!

Sweet 16 memories being made today!

Ok, they happen to take 1st place in their cheer competition!  That called for a celebration and a special seafood dinner.  They were with their moms, so a mother-daughter shopping spree was definitely in order.  They found lots of cute surfer girls’ clothes at the Sanddollar!  But the biggest plan to celebrate their birthdays was a photoshoot with Beach Shutters Photography!

Orange Beach Al vacations

Photoshoots are more fun with your best friend!

Besties at the beach!

Beach Shutters Photography

Sunset at the beach!

These two cheerleaders at the beach cannot stop smiling!  It is just their nature, lol.  Shae & Addison were the perfect little models in their sundresses at the beach.  It made me so happy to see that they got a beautiful sunset to boot.  This was an all-around perfect photoshoot!

cheer competition in Orange Beach

Cheerleading competitions are more fun at the beach!

The cheerleaders in Orange Beach will remember this trip for a lifetime!

I hope it ranks up there with graduation, college scholarships, and all of the good times ahead for these best friends.  Making memories together is such a magical time, and I am so glad they decided to capture this moment with photos!

Beach Shutters Photography would love to be your photographer in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Perdido Key!

cheerleaders in Orange Beach Al.

That was a great day!

photographers in Gulf Shores Al.

Let’s plan our next trip!