Collect Beautiful Moments

How exactly do you collect beautiful moments? With photos, of course! Photography is all about freezing a moment in time, forever. Stella is three, and this is her very own photoshoot! This is a big deal because she has also traveled to the beach with her grandparents. So many sweet memories are being made!

picking flowers at the beach.

I picked this flower for you!

Hi, Stella!

This little darling is here at the beach with her grandparents. Debbie called to arrange photos for her granddaughter. When I asked her if Stella would do better at sunset or sunrise, she said, “Either, she is perfect 24 hours a day”! I will never forget her answer. Don’t you love it!

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Debbie says she is perfect. I agree!

She is perfect!

This little one can pose like a pro. I am telling you, she pulled off the senior portrait poses better than some of our teens. Don’t tell them! Some people are natural in front of the camera; Stella is one of them.

walking on sunshine in Orange Beach

Collecting shells and sunshine!

Beach Portraits are timeless and my favorite way to collect beautiful moments.

With photos, you can choose the moments to keep. A beach vacation is a happy place, so why not take it home and frame it up. You will surely smile every time you see this new piece of art!

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Perfect Little Poses!

If someone makes you happy, make them happier!

Can you imagine how special Stella feels today? This is her very own photo shoot at the beach. These beautiful moments are part of a larger collection of memories she shares with her grandparents. Yes, it only took a phone call and 3o minutes in the sand. The photos will be priceless!

best photo experience

Fun at photos!

They do grow up so fast!

So true! If you would like to schedule a session with Beach Shutters Photography, click the Booking link. We would love to meet your family at the beach to capture your very own beautiful moments with the ones you love!

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Would this be a beautiful canvas?