Colors of the Rainbow

Leigha’s family got all the rainbow colors for her family beach photos! She must be living right because it can go south quickly when it rains. On this particular day, the skies cleared, and a rainbow appeared.

Orange Beach Photography

Leigha’s family took full advantage of the magical background.

I am very excited to show off this batch of family beach photos.

Trey was the photographer on this fine day & he captured the mood of the morning amazingly! Scheduling sunrise photos is a gamble. As we are driving to meet a family, there is no way to know how the morning sky will cooperate, especially when there is rain on the radar in the surrounding area.

Family photos in Gulf Shores

We don’t always have rainbows, but when we do, it is fantastic!

Families with young children know that little ones do better at sunrise.

Our statistics alone will agree, lol. So many times, the kiddos are cranky at photos at the end of the day. The children are fresh, happy, and well-rested on the first morning. Suitable for the family and great for the photographer. Trey says the children this morning were on point and followed all their directions to a T.

beach portraits in Orange Beach Alabama

Sunrise & babies go together like Peas & carrots.

This has been the year to see the colors of the rainbow.

With all the rain we have experienced. Lately, there have been plenty of rainbows. Before you start thinking ahead to your following photos, I must tell you that we cannot order the puffy white clouds or rainbows, haha. Oh, but if we could, we surely would.

beach portraits in Perdido Key

Family beach photos in Perdido Key, under the rainbow.

Not to worry, we have an assortment of other pretty weather days that you may get for your photo day.

Bright and sunny, cloudy, and just after the rain has all been good days for us. At Beach Shutters, we do all we can to make your beach portraits as flattering as possible. Enhancing the skies, brightening the subjects, and removing all unwanted items from the background will bring all of the attention to your lovely family. Unless there is a rainbow, the watch will be shared, lol!

Photographer Trey Stone

Everywhere we turned, there were pretty skies!

Perdido Key Florida skies.

Coming and Going!

affordable family photos in Perdido Key Florida

What did I tell you about morning photos and cooperative children? Easy Peasy!

Beach Shutters Photography

Beauty in all directions this morn!