Dad Jokes

What do dad jokes and photos have in common? They go together like pizza jokes, never mind. It’s too cheesy! Bring your sense of humor to your photo session & watch the kids light up. You thought your fishing trip was fun; wait until the photos, haha!

Behind the lens

Bre & the kids in front of the camera, guess who was behind me, making them laugh? Dad!

Bre’s husband was a great example of a fun guy!

I am not talking about the mushroom or fungi, but a good-spirited, happy dad! He entertained the family and even helped his teenage nephews to loosen up. That is not an easy task! As seen in the photos, he comes from a long line of jokesters.

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Funny and strong!

What a happy group!

Family photo day can be a blast. You get whatever you put into it every time. Good attitudes, well-rested (napped) kids & granddads, a dad with a full belly, and maybe a glass of wine for mom. You get the picture. Well prepared and ready to go!

Dad Jokes at a photo session

Of course, he faked a back injury afterward!

When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent!

I made you laugh! That is the name of the game during a Beach Shutters Photography session. Laughter and smiles are contagious. I hope you catch it!

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Here they are! One Big Happy Family!

I told my father to buy himself something to make HIS life easier; he purchased a photo session for my mother! -Dad Joke

Oh, don’t stop me now; I am on a roll! I wouldn’t buy anything with velcro; it’s a rip-off! Ok, ok, here is another. I will call you later, don’t call me later, call me Dad! Yep, another Dad, I mean Rad Joke.

made you laugh photos

Family Jokesters!

When will my dad’s joke blog be over? When it’s full grown!

Do you like what you are hearing? Let’s get together and create a beautiful piece of art with your family starring in the picture! We will bring the camera, and you will bring smiles and happy faces!