Dance photos

Dance like no one is watching at the beach for your photos! How beautiful is this sky, family, ballerina beach portrait session! Everything came together perfectly, didn’t it!

colorful photographers in Orange Beach

Photography Art!

When you have a ballerina in the family, your photos have a star!

This session is a family/senior portrait combo. Why not! While you are here at the beach, take the photos! You won’t regret it. When it is time to turn in candid pics to the yearbook, you will have stand-out beach photos to present!

Family photographers in Gulf Shores Alabama.

Family photos are better at the beach!

Sleep, Dance, Beach, Photos!

Julia, you are a beautiful dancer! It was a pleasure meeting this ballerina and her family at the beach. I feel like your photos are a piece of art, and I cannot wait to see which one makes it to canvas above the fireplace in your parent’s home.

Orange Beach colorful skies

Colorful skies for a colorful family!

Dance photos say it all, and no words are needed.

The picture says it all, doesn’t Julia shine! When it comes to senior photos, this session rocks. All kids have their nitch; sometimes, it is cheer, soccer, football, or band. Bring the instrument, balls, pom-poms, or tutu! If you are an academic leader, a book or your graduation cap and diploma make a great prop.

Family Beach Portraits are always fun.

After the dance photos, we concentrated on family photos. After such a great start, the rest of our session was easy. Our warm-up had the creative juices flowing behind and in front of the camera! As a rule, beach portraits flow nicely. I guess it is the vacation mode kicking in.

Everything is better at the beach.

Time spent at the beach is well-wasted. Wouldn’t you agree that a day of nothing is just what we need while on vacation?  This attitude carries over into our sessions, making beach portraits relaxing, casual, and carefree.