Dress Up

Go ahead and Dress Up for beach portraits! A little bit of formal goes a long way at the beach. This portfolio post is an excellent example of “what to wear” if you like to go dressy. Tiffany & Adam knocked it out of the park! These are their 10th anniversary photos & they are all decked out to celebrate.

couple photos in Orange Beach

You may kiss your bride, on your 10th Anniversary!

family photographers in Gulf Shores Alabama

10 years & 3 adorable kids later. Still in Love!

The days of matchy khaki & white clothing for beach photos are long gone.

Khaki & White are still an option for a classic look, but if you are brave, mix it up or dress it up! The fun part about wearing dressy clothing at the beach is that you get to go barefoot. Bare feet add a casual twist to formal wear.

Mother/Daughter moments

Taking a break from photos for a kiss. Mother/Daughter moment.

Dress up according to your personality.

Knowing your body type is essential. What you want to hide or show off comes into play here. Go ahead and wear what makes you feel comfortable about your body. Anything goes at the beach! From a t-shirt to a neck-tie. The options are limitless.

children's photographers at the beach

The newest Murphy! Meet Max.

Let your good taste shine!

You are lucky that the beach is the most magnificent background for any clothing choice. For this reason, you can go with the flow. Speaking of flow, one of my personal favorites is a flowy dress at the beach. You know the sea breeze will help us out and make your dress float. Get jiggy with it. You are on vacation, so wear the headband, flowers in your hair, and jewelry. Sparkle!

What to wear when taking photos

Looking good Murphy family!

Dress Up Beach Photos

The 3 Murphy darlings!

Tiffany & Adam are a photographer’s dream client!

They showed up well dressed, hair curled and sprayed, with naps & snacks taken care of! That is thinking ahead! The photo session fell into place perfectly because they took the extra steps to prepare. It is no accident when we get amazing photos & we appreciate all of your cooperation, from sunscreen, naps, and snacks for the kids and dad to creative wardrobe choices.

Family photographers in Perdido Key.

Looking good Murphy crew!

I hope you enjoy our example of dress-up beach photos.

We had a great time taking the photos! Now the beach memories can be displayed throughout the Murphy home for years to come. The biggest decision will be choosing the image for a big canvas! I can’t wait to see which one makes it.

Beach shutters photo examples

Successful photo sessions start with you! Thanks for choosing the coordinating clothes, wearing hairspray, napping the kids & bringing the best attitude!