Example of a photoshoot

Here is an example of a sunset photoshoot with Beach Shutters Photography. So many times, people ask what to expect from their photoshoot in Orange Beach. I like to desire to walk, run, play, laugh and smile!   You may sweat, get sandy, or splash, but that is ok; you will get great photos and enjoy the process!

examples of a photo session taken in Orange Beach

Friends FOUR Ever!

Enjoy our 4-minute video.

Here is how we do it, right here in living color. And boy, what a colorful night to shoot a video! Enjoy the show and the sunset. This view will make you want to schedule a vacation immediately! When I decided to bring the GoPro on the way out the door to photos, I had no idea that the sky would be so lovely or that the girls I was to meet would be so photogenic. Win, win! I get a great example of a photoshoot!

Meet Lexie! It is her birthday today.

Her mom allowed the birthday girl to invite her three besties to accompany them on a girl’s trip. Now that is an epic birthday that Lexie will remember forever. Hey, if she forgets, mama can show her the beach portraits that she arranged to be taken by Beach Shutters Photography or this video on our website, lol. Either way, she will have several ways to relive the good times for years to come.

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Love & Friends make the world go round!

Girl's trip photographers in Orange Beach Alabama

Four cheers for Orange Beach!

Perdido Key photographers examples of sunset photo shoot

Horray for Photo day!

If you enjoyed watching this example video of a photoshoot, imagine being here in real life!

As you can see, Lexie & her friends had a great time! Not only do 13-year-old girls love to go to the beach, but they also enjoy dressing up and taking photos. The Fab Four rocked the photo session and were happy to star in my show for this year’s example video.

Friends photo examples of a session in Orange Beach.

A vacation to remember

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Happy to be here!

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Ready for my close-up

Where are all of the people?

We got lucky yesterday because there was a parade in town. No one was at the beach to be in our background. Not the norm! But no worries, we edit, remember! There won’t be any people on the beach in your final photo either. Beach Shutters has you covered!

Walk on the beach with friends in Orange Beach.

That was a great birthday!