Extended Family Beach Portraits

Is it time to update your extended Family Beach Portraits?  Yes, it is!  The annual beach trip is the best time to update your photos, so pack your khaki’s and come on.  Ok, you don’t have to wear khaki and white, but it does work if you are in doubt.

This is not your average photo session.

Extended Family beach portraits, in my opinion, is different from a studio family session.  Usually, our clients are on vacation and have places to go, and things to do.  We do not have much info before we meet, nor do we need any.  Our casual meeting at the beach is a fun, playful experience for the family.  We get to know each other as we shoot.  You may be holding hands, swinging the baby, or jumping high.  There can be a hike together from the dunes to the water, or even a splash fight with the kids.  Hint, you may need to bring an extra outfit for dinner plans!

Let’s make a plan.

An extended family beach portrait sessions last about an hour, so we have to make the best use of our time together.  Whether we are photographing 2 people or 20, we will have a plan and keep you moving.  We analyze your group when we meet and see if there are any special needs to address right away.  Small children will lose interest first, so they are the star at the beginning of the session.  Families with babies get first priority, and the group shot that includes these little family members is one of the first shots.

Roll with it!

Don’t stress too much about getting great photos.  As long as you are having fun, it will show in our finished product.  You won’t be expected to come up with any poses, but your input is always welcome.  Remember, we do this all the time, so if you’re in doubt, just follow our lead!

Sound like fun?  It is!

Thank you so much for looking through our portfolio.  Other than family beach portraits, we also offer engagement sessions, wedding photography, senior portraits, event photography, realtor headshots, and real estate photography.  Basically, if you need a photo, we can take it!

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