Is there ever a perfect place for Family Photo Sessions?

Yes, we think so!  Gulf Shores & Orange Beach offer the best background for your next photography session.  No kidding, our Alabama beaches are pristine, and the outcome is magical beach portraits.

photo locations in Gulf Shores

You just cannot beat the background at the Phoenix West 2!

What about the weather for beach portraits?  Family photo sessions don’t need perfect weather conditions.

That is another story.  On the coast, we are always battling the elements.  The summer can be hot & humid, and the winter cold & windy.  Rarely is it completely comfortable, but we can almost always make it work.  There was a tropical disturbance out in the Gulf.  There was a hurricane in LA, and we were experiencing the outer bands of wind and rain.

vacation beach portraits in Gulf Shores

It was their last day of vacation, so we had to pick a time between showers. It worked!

Rain & wind are just part of being on the coast.  Family photo sessions are part of being on vacation.

It was finally the week for Regan & Brent’s vacation.  Mother Nature was a bit crazy but isn’t she always.  Regan scheduled her family photo sessions early in the week to avoid sunburn.  Little did we know then that it would be a messy week.  Rain, rain, go away & take the wind with you!

family photo sessions at the Phoenix West 2

Hey, we had the beach to ourselves! Rainy day bonus.

We had to take a chance between rain showers to get her family photo sessions.

It came down to her last day here and still no real improvement in the conditions.  She decided to go for it, and I am so glad she did!  The wind added some movement to her photos by blowing her skirt and hair.  The clouds happen to be gorgeous!  Yes, there was a gray storm cloud right before and another behind us, but you cannot tell in the photos.

Orange Beach vacations

It is all about the background at the beach!

When scheduling your family photo sessions, don’t stress about the weather.

If you are waiting for a perfect day, it probably won’t happen.  If you have the attitude that it will all work out, it more than likely will!  Maybe not on your scheduled day, and possibly not at sunset, but some point during your vacation.

photographers in Alabama

Hi Brother!

Beach Shutters Photography would love to be your photographer in Orange Beach!

Family photo sessions are what we specialize in, and we know how to work around Mother Nature.  Carefully!  Please have a great vacation, rain or shine & we will see you at the beach!

sea oats in Gulf Shores Alabama

The sea oats are lovely in the summer!

Orange Beach Al photography

That was a fun family photo session!