Family photographer Perdido Key

Let me tell you about the never-ending vacation at Grandma’scondo!    It all started with the school closures in Perdido Key last March.  These cute cousins had come to the beach to spend Spring Break at their grandmother’s condo.  Yes, the WEEK!

yoga Orange Beach

Learned this from Grandma, lol! Give me a peaceful moment, please.

As everyone knows, schools were closed & the homeschooling began last Spring.

Here was the dilemma for grandmom.  Do I send all of these darlings home to Mississippi where it may be a boring homeschool experience?  Or do I keep them here at the beach for a neverending summer?  You guessed it!  Let the good times begin!

Perdido Key family photographers

A wall-hanger for the condo in Perdido Key!

The first step, plans some fun activities, like hiring a family photographer in Perdido Key!

When this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes around, you have to document it with photographic evidence, lol!  I mean, this will be the summer that makes the record books the most awesome season ever!  There also needs to be a grandmother of the year award.

photographers Gulf Shores Al

Sibling group one.

photographers in Fort Morgan Al

Sibling group two.

So we spoke and planned a photo day, but it didn’t happen right away.

You see there were so many fun things to do at the beach condo, meeting the family photographer in Perdido Key was harder than expected.  We finally worked around swimming, surfing, goofy golf, and a little school work.  Hey, 4 months into this adventure, we took photos with the suntanned, blonde-headed, happiest cousins in town!

family photographer Perdido Key

I love my cousin! The only girls among the cousins.

Yes, being a family photographer in Perdido Key is fun, but not as much fun as living at the condo for months!

sunset in Orange Beach

Sunset with the besties.

As you know, all good things come to an end.  Finally, in the fall, school resumed for the tan, blonde-headed cousins, and they went home to live happily ever after.  The story doesn’t end there.  Every Spring Break from now on, they will meet up at grandma’s condo.  It is the sweetest place in the world, all decorated in beach photos of the cousins taken during the never-ending summer!

Hey, we would love to take your family photos too!  Whether you are here for a weekend or end up staying for months.. call us!  Beach Shutters Photography is your Perdido Key, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan photographers!