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Family Reunion Photos

Family Reunion Photos are very popular.  Getting the gang together for a beach vacation is for some a once in a lifetime event, and for others a yearly tradition.  Which ever the case, having photos while everyone is here is a must!  This is the day all of the mom’s love about vacation!  This is also the day that they stress about.. what to wear,  no one get too much sun, is my hair OK, oh no a big zit!  The list of worries can go on.. but let me put you at ease with 2 words  WE EDIT!

Now that being said, not everything can be fixed, but within reason, you and your big family will look fabulous!  Let me comfort you dads in the fact that this usually last around an hour, and is relatively painless!  It will also make your wife, mom and daughters very happy.  Yes having your photo taken and getting all sandy while wearing your ironed polo and khaki’s may not be your idea of fun, but think of it as a compromise.  Smile and cooperate and maybe, just maybe the girls in your group will agree that they will go on that charter fishing excursion with you.  Or at least spend the day at the Tanger Outlet store while you and the guys catch a few fish!

Why take extended family photos?  Besides the obvious, it is actually a fun activity to add to your vacation to do list, there are many other good reasons to have this done.

1. Christmas gifts!

Now when the holidays roll around and you are struggling to decide what to buy for the grandparents and the relatives, you have the perfect gift.  Every grandparent loves to get a photo of the whole gang!  How about your hard to please sister-in-law?  A large print of her and her family will go nicely above her fireplace!  You get the idea.
2.  Memories!  How many times have you wanted to look back to see photos of the kids when they were little?  How about trying to decide if the new baby favors your oldest when he was the same age?  Or remember when we took Nana to the beach, how happy she was!  Now you can look back and have these memories in High Resolution and well-edited format.  This is guaranteed to stir your soul and make you smile.

3. Large Family Reunion photos are a good investment!

For about the same price as one night at your condo, or one out-to-dinner with the whole family tab, you can have photos that will last a lifetime.  Your evening with the family all dressed and taking photos will be memorable in itself.  Even the guys have to admit it can be fun. Then after you get home from your vacation, and you are back to your routine, you get an email from Beach Shutters Photography!  There you are, all sun-kissed, dressed-up and looking your best!  Everyone looks so nice, you have forgotten about the stress of getting the kids ready and helping Granddad get out on the beach.  All you see is your beautiful smiling family, having a blast, in the most gorgeous setting you can imagine!

4. Family changes.  Let’s face it, it is part of life.

Grandparents may not be able to make the trip again, kids grow up and move away, life happens.  Won’t you be so happy that you took an hour out of your vacation to corral the gang and capture your time together!  I have never heard anyone say they wish they had less photos with the family.  We all want more and we all want quality.  Not just a mobile phone photo, although these are great and such a part of our lives, but a professional photos cannot be replaced with a phone.
The list could go on, we all have our reasons to take family photos.  Don’t take your family’s current stage for granted.  Your family deserves to have these memories, nothing is more precious than your time together.  Family reunion photos can capture these moments and you will surely treasure them forever!
See you at the beach!

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