Good Photos Coming

We have good photos coming your way! I know when we meet that you may be skeptical of what is to come from a beach photo session. Worry no more! We will have fun, interact with family & capture the best memories for you to keep forever.

siblings at the beach wearing flowers

Sweetness X 3!

photos of a fun family beach vacation

Let’s do this photo thing!

We are off to a great start!

This is Sarah. She ordered all of these cute coordinated outfits & even had flower crowns arranged for her daughters & niece to wear in their hair for our photo session at Beach Club this year.

Gulf Shores Photography

The LeBlancs!

Alabama beaches

The family log. What a great background.

The prep work is done.

Great job Sarah! Wrangling the family together, coordinating outfits, hair and makeup are all complete. I have got it from here. Let’s start at the dunes since it is bright and sunny today. This is the best lighting to get the lifestyle images that we all love.

photographer in Orange Beach

The must-have shot!

The kids are fresh and happy to see me again this year.

Young ones don’t last long for photos, so we better play, swing, skip and smile right away! Have I told you lately that I love my job? Well, I do! How awesome is it to get to play with families year after year? We reconnect and get after it!

beach love photos

Mother Daughter LOVE

Good Photos are coming soon!

During the beginning of our photo sessions, we have everyone’s attention, so this is the best time to get the most requested shots. The “must-haves” must happen now. In this case, a photo of Sara’s niece was a must. She was the youngest of the bunch, already fed and ready for nite-nite. Babies are the priority!

family photos

Happy together!

We got the photos of the baby, then on to the rest of the family.

As the evening winds down, so do the kids. That is ok and expected. I have a few tricks for the end of the night that work well as we finish our time together. Until next time!

family beach pictures

It was the flowers that caught your eye!