Graduation Photos

Graduation photos for seniors are so much fun to shoot. In this case, it was double fun! These two high school sweethearts are a precious couple, aren’t they?

Meet Phoenix & Elouise.

They have been dating for a couple of years. The couple works at the same job and plans to pursue a nursing degree at the same college. They also took graduation photos together!

Graduation Photos at the Sportsplex

Senior portraits in Orange Beach, Alabama.

This is the place where all of the memories were made.

The Sportsplex was an excellent location for taking senior portraits. Phoenix played in the band & was on the homecoming court at this stadium.

Trombone player photos

Play that funky music!

The Tassel was worth the hassle!

Orange Beach High School has provided an excellent education. These two are well prepared for the challenges of college that they plan to face together.

Graduation photos are a rite of passage.

This is the one time in our kids’ lives that they deserve to shine. The giant step from childhood to adulthood happens now—a photo session to celebrate them and capture their character and personality. Phoenix & Elouise were not shy about strutting their stuff.

Photo sessions in Orange Beach.

Senior Portraits should show your kid’s personality!

Senior portraits of local graduates are a Beach Shutters favorite.

I have known Phoenix’s mom since he was born. Watching him grow into a successful young man makes me so proud. The future is bright as he and his girlfriend confidently move forward. It is beautiful that they have both found their passion in caring for others and plan to pursue a travel nursing career together.

Together, it is a beautiful place to be.

Sharing a session was an excellent plan. I liked that they cheered each other on in support of fun photos. He plays the trumpet, and she dances. Now, that is the cutest! Bring the props, caps, gowns, diplomas, footballs, soccer balls, pompoms, and instruments, and we will click the button on the camera to save the memories!