Great Photos Going

Great photos are going on here! As the night winds down and the kids lose interest, we keep things going with a few tried and true strategies. My go-to poses are ring around the roses, hug your sibling & the ever-so-classic walking away photo.

Fort Morgan Beach Club

Fun & Games keep the girl’s interest for a few more minutes!

There they go!

Walking away from the camera is by far my most requested shot. I love it because it is easy and works well even if the kids have fizzled out. That one last shot of the evening may be the favorite & end up on a canvas in your home.

Orange Beach photographers

Even the big girls need playful interactive photos.

Meet the LeBlanc Family!

Sarah & Steven have allowed me to take their family beach photos for several years. I don’t believe Cam was born when we started meeting at the Beach Club many years ago. The girls have always been very photogenic, and mom always dresses everyone to a T.

flower crowns at the beach

The flowers were such a nice touch!

She wore flowers in her hair!

This year, Sarah took the extra step and ordered fresh hair arrangements for Zoe & Sela. We also ordered one for the new baby cousin, and we did manage to get a couple of shots with the youngest beauty wearing a crown of greenery.

Gulf Shores photographers great photos going on

The whole family!

The whole family was able to join us this year.

For the first time, I got to meet Sarah’s side of the family. What a lovely bunch! Her mom, three sisters, and their daughters were great models. They all helped each other with the kids, and with a team effort, we kept the great photos going as long as we could!

Great photos going, going, gone!

As the evening ended, we got that last shot. As always, their walking away photos are sweet, meaningful, and tender, especially when it is two adorable siblings wearing flowers in their hair! It was a wonderful evening that started on the bright sunny dunes!