Having fun with Beach Shutters Photography – Photographer in Orange Beach Alabama

Meet Melinda and her family; they are having fun in Orange Beach!  It is the second time Beach Shutters Photography has had the opportunity to photograph her extended family. Let me tell you, and they are the REAL DEAL!  There is no holding back with this crew, and I love it!

fun family photographers in Orange Beach Alabama

Let’s have some fun together!

Yes, one grandson licked the sand, haha! He was having fun with the photographer in Orange Beach.

Melinda will be the first to tell you that her lively bunch is very comfortable together.  With a crew like hers, you can easily see the love within relationships, and more.  There was laughter, hugs, and a few tears during this photo session.  That is all ok, and the way it should be!

family beach photographer in Alabama

How does sand taste? Sandy, haha!

These are the people that feed our soul, our FAMILY!

You know this because you feel great when you are with them.  My vision is to create beautiful family photos that capture the essence of your love for each other.  As a photographer in Orange Beach, we are obsessed with emotions, feelings, and moods.  The connection between family members is what we want to shine through every image.

beach portraits in Orange Beach Al

Now that is a good looking family!

We may not be sure where we are going when we get started, but we will know it when we get there.

When meeting your photographers in Orange Beach, there must first be an introduction.  Granted, you are on vacation, so everyone is more than likely in a good mood, and that is a great place to start!  Then our journey begins, what unfolds next is magical.  We encourage touch, laughing, and a real connection to your family during your session.

Gulf Shores family photographers

Melinda and her love!

Within 5 minutes, you and your photographer in Orange Beach will be having fun!

Even the shyest of children will have fun with us on the beach as soon as we get started.  That black camera is nothing to fear when there are waves crashing and sand for miles.  It is playtime!  The kiddos may not even realize what is happening; we are just here having fun with the family!

top photographers in Orange Beach Alabama having fun

Having fun in Orange Beach Alabama!

Be like Melinda!  Schedule your beach photo session with Beach Shutters Photography, photographers in Orange Beach, Alabama.  It may just be the favorite part of your vacation this year!  We are more than happy to travel beyond Orange Beach for your photography needs.  We can meet you in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Perdido Key, and beyond.

having fun photos

The last shot of the day is a timeless classic!