Heron Pointe

There is a lovely venue at the Wharf in Orange Beach called Heron Pointe. It is mainly used to host weddings and events, but sometimes we take family or senior photos at this location. At H.P., you will find a variety of backgrounds with an authentic southern charm.

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Not the beach, but just as pretty!

The beach is not for everyone.

Arissa is a local senior, and when it came time to schedule her senior portraits, she let me know that she didn’t mind a couple of shots at the beach, but she liked the idea of a porch or swung better. I knew just the place!

The Heron Pointe dock.

Senior photos for the Class of 2022!

Heron Pointe at the Wharf is an excellent location for photos!

Being a wedding photographer in Orange Beach, I have spent many evenings at the Heron Pointe. Not only does it provide porches and swings, but a few steps away is the Wharf Marina. The boats and waterways are other local favorites for photo backgrounds.

University of Alabama wardrobe.

Roll Tide!

Isn’t Arissa a lovely senior!

She brought a few wardrobe changes but wanted to start in the red and black outfit. Why? Well, she is headed to the University of Alabama next year! I am so proud of her! Next, she chose a feminine pink sweater, which looked terrific against the boats and water behind the Heron Pointe building.

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Pretty in Pink!

Last but not least, we headed to the beach.

We made it there just before dark, so there were only a few minutes to take a beach photo. That is all that we needed to top off the perfect senior session! Remember, Arissa says she is not a beach girl, but since she is a local, it is almost required to have a beach portrait or two for your graduation announcements.

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The swing is another nice photo op.

I am so happy that this senior chose Beach Shutters Photography to be her photographer in Orange Beach!

We know the choices are plentiful when shopping for an Alabama beach photographer. For this reason, please do your shopping and comparison, then make your decision based on what you find. Thanks for visiting our portfolio today! To see more photo location options, click Locations, click here.

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The Grand Finale!