Are you wanting to hire a professional photographer in Orange Beach?

Are you wanting to hire a professional photographer in Orange Beach?  I thought since we are about to hit the tourist season, this post would be appropriate. There are several reasons to hire a pro instead of trying to take your own vacation photos.

We do this all the time!

Plain and simply, we are out there daily during the busy months.  We know the lighting and have the equipment.  It only takes seconds for us to pose your family, and make sure you look your best in the shot. Most importantly, for some reason, kids tend to listen to a stranger much better than their parents.  (Maybe they think we are a bit crazy, running around getting them to laugh, haha.)

professional photographer in Gulf Shores

Lookin good!

photographer at the Wharf in Orange Beach

Yacht Life

photographer in Orange Beach

sittin pretty

at the Wharf in Orange Beach

Happy Days at the Wharf

We have the pro gear!

Yes, we have great pro-level cameras and lenses.  Also, we have the software to edit and enhance, making you look better in photos than you do in person!  A little teeth whitening, wrinkles and acne removed and slightly slimmed up makes everyone happy!  We make you look fantastic, and that is what you are paying for, right!

It is fun!

So many times I hear from families that photo night was the highlight of the vacation.  This makes me smile and know that we are doing our job correctly.  We try to put you at ease in front of the camera and get the natural smiles and candid photos that you will love.  It is like goofing off at the beach with a friend.

Most importantly, it is EASY on you.

In my opinion, the best reason to hire a professional photographer in Orange Beach is to make it easy for yourself.  By the time you get out on the beach for photos, your work is done.  You have shopped for the coordinated outfits, combed everyone’s hair and applied extra mascara.

Now you can relax and let Beach Shutters take the wheel.

With a few basic instructions, we can have your crew looking awesome and having fun at the same time. Just trust us, and know that good photos are easier than you could have imagined!

Here are some fun photos that were taken at the Wharf in Orange Beach.  Yes, not all great photos are taken in the sand, we have several locations that are off the beach, just ask us!