I was so excited to be asked by Lensational Magazine to be in their next issue!  Our Instagram is getting noticed in a big way!  This will be one more Beach Shutters family that has been chosen to be featured in a national magazine.

Beach photos in a magazine

Any of the Mayne Family photos could have been featured in a magazine!

No wonder they choose the Mayne Family!

Just look at them!  Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but they also got a great morning for photos.  To illustrate, the clouds, light wind, and perfect lighting all worked in our favor for the best sunrise photos possible!

photographers Orange Beach Al.

Just walk away. That makes a lovely photo, always!

Meet Tiffany & Kai.

This family happens to be in town for a baseball tournament.  Their son plays competitive baseball, and this allows the family to travel all over the south for games and competitions.  This summer they were in the Orange Beach area and decided to take the time to update the family photos with Beach Shutters Photography.  Now that is multi-tasking at its best!  Not only did they compete in a national tournament, but the family got a vacation & photos as well.

Orange Beach magazine

The Mayne Event!
I couldn’t resist that one.

I am so glad they took 30 minutes out of their baseball schedule to take family photos!

Besides getting an updated beach portrait or 20, they are now featured in a magazine!  How exciting is that!  I will definitely be contacting Tiffany to let her know about this great news.  I am sure she will want a copy to keep!  Furthermore, we had an awesome experience to add to a great vacation.

professional photographer Orange Beach

The Mayne kids!
They are the main reason for the photos.

The beach can make any family photos look like a magazine cover!

It can be windy, hot, humid, or any other condition, and still photograph well.  Sometimes we walk away sweaty and have messy hair, still saying “What a great photo session”!  That is exactly what happened this particular morning.  Truly, this was a typical photo session for Beach Shutters.  In fact, a normal day for beach photos is extraordinary enough to be featured in a magazine.

Gulf Shores photographers

We got a traditional photo or 2 as well.

We went right to it at sunrise, not knowing we were getting magazine-quality photos.

As usual, it was windy at the beach, and hairspray was needed, lol.  For example, I think this was during the week that our winds were a steady 10-15 mph., which is fairly common during the summer months.  As the sun came up we could see the colors were nice, and that always brightens the mood!  For example, sit here, smile there, walk on the beach, and be done!  Well, it really was just that easy, ask Tiffany, haha.  Totally worth the clicks!

Orange Beach best photographers

What a cute couple you make, Tiffany & Kai!

We would love to be your photographer in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, Alabama!

If vacation means photos, let us document your memories.  Namely, call us to take your family beach portraits, you will enjoy the experience, and we will deliver the fun family pictures that you have in mind!