Meaningful Photos

Blake loves his family & took the liberty of researching and arranging meaningful photos for his wife. She was thrilled with his decision, which involved waking up for sunrise on a vacation day. “No problem! The kids have us on an early schedule anyway,” said Taylor.

Orange Beach Family Photographers

Blake deserves the “Dad Award” for planning photos!

This is one of the reasons we love sunrise photos.

As a rule, kids wake up earlier and happier than us grownups. In this case, the little ones were particularly agreeable and ready for photos before doughnuts. Mom said they are usually worn out from a hard day of playtime by evening and would not have been quite so smiley.

Gulf Shores Family Photography.

Good morning, sweet family!

The morning was magical.

Anytime you have the beach to yourself, it is a gift. The only time of day we can enjoy “alone time” by the sea is sunrise. It sets the mood for when the morning dew has lifted and rays of sunshine pour in. Can you think of a better place to wake up and seize the day?

Family mini-sessions.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

What makes a meaningful photo?

Good preparation on the subjects part is the best place to start. Blake & Taylor told the kids that they would meet a photographer for 30 minutes. This gave the children an idea of what would come and let them know it would not last long. Another must is a good night’s sleep and carefully coordinating well-fitting outfits. On our end, a photographer who can interact with the family, win the children over, and give playful instructions while moving fast is beneficial.

Meaningful Family Photos taken by Beach Shutters.

Family interactions make the best photos, every time!

Interacting with your family, as much or more than looking at the camera, works for me.

I love the documentary-style photography of lifestyle images. Catching life in the act is what photography is all about. Especially when taking beach photos. Wouldn’t you like to have a picture of your family holding hands, searching for seashells, or embracing as you watch the sunrise?

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Meaningful moments happen when we are together.

These are significant photos for Taylor & Blake.

I read on social media, shortly after these photos were taken, that Taylor had been diagnosed with cancer. It is just hair, but if chemo is ordered & she does have to change hairstyles, she will have these photos of her thick blonde waves. We will follow her journey & pray for her along the way, all the while thankful to have met this sweet family at the beach for sunrise photos this Fall.

Photo cred: Cynthia with Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach, Alabama.